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I am late to the party with my words below, because since 1 July when I started to think and write about the Governor from Alaska, her latest news conference--I am quitting--hit the airwaves.

It isn't news in Germany or the Netherlands and doesn't appear to be among the top stories in Britain (although another Governor seems to be getting press).

And I have been following it with great interest. Why? Why? Why?

And while I have not found an answer that satisfies my curiosity, I did find Ruth Marcus' remarks here at TruthDig worth thinking about in light of my own disdain for the almost former official. As a woman I'd like to see more women reach the top of their fields, any field. Something irks me about the Governor's role in how women are viewed in her shadowy rambling perspectives.

And this new piece at Huffington Post on narcissism, and the Governor is quite telling and cautionary.

Written on 1 July: Vanity Fair, once a magazine to miss, now provides some excellent reading material and has offered some of the best journalism articles in print.

Its story on Governor Sarah Palin here covers some of the high and low points of the nearly one year the Palin name appeared on the Republican ticket.

I not only dislike the Governor's stands on most issues, I detest almost everything she stands for: the dumbing down of America, conservative hypocrisy, religiosity at its extreme, using a pretty (or beautiful) face to sneer at foes, wink at debating partners and whine when she is criticized. She is now threatened to sue, yes sue, several news reporters and blogger for suggesting that rumours are floating around about her sudden resignation.

What is even more troubling is all the press she gets, some good, some bad, some nasty, but continuous, unrelenting looks into her twittering babbles.

The coverage gives her credence.

But it seems that sensational or tawdry sells. If we take a quick peek at what stories are read most at Yahoo, Huffington et al., they invariably are articles like the Governor of South Carolina's dalliances.

In fact, Motown, salacious emails, celebrity deaths and the like pushed the Iran election controversy off the front page(s), and buried troubles in North Korea, a coup in Honduras, the economic crisis and the importance of health care reform in the United States.

The article seemed somewhat measured. While it did attempt balance, it did not include a personal interview with the Governor (she declined), but did address her political past, both in Alaska and on the national stage.

Yet it seems that I may have a lowered reading level than some as this Yahoo piece implies prejudice on the part of the writer.

But whether my reading level has decreased or not, it is my contention that the Governor does not deserve the air time she receives, that Senator McCain made a huge professional and personal mistake in bringing her onto the world stage and elevating another narcissist to contend with on the political right of center.

Perhaps what irks me the most is the Governor's disparagement of the mind. If she had one perhaps she'd embrace it rather than reduce her sound bits to gushy platitudes and meaningless populism.

But who am I to condemn either the right or the Governor, after all more Americans watch FOX news than any other channel, and lap it up as if it were the newest ice cream flavour.

Liz Trotta on FOX....seems to agree with me:

And the Governor of Pennsylvania, speaks out here.

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