A new weapon: knitting needles

I am one of those Americans who can't understand and doesn't accept that liquids, shoes, art supplies, yoghurt, and now knitting needles are a danger to our safety.

In fact, I am so appalled by the rules and regulations on air travel that I could scream.

I've been held up and nearly arrested at DC's Ronald Reagan airport in '01 for my art supplies. I've had my new cup of yogurt confiscated at Pittsburgh's lush airport and have had two pairs of small art scissors confiscated at that same Pennsylvania airport.

Now a woman sitting in a government office knitting--knit one, purl two, is asked to remove herself and/or her knitting because it is dangerous.

The atmosphere of fear that erupted and continues in this country post 9-11 is self perpetuating, but in my view it is also fool hardy.

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