Gone, but not forgotten

The rush continued and took up some momentum with a sale of the three Targa Sheaffers, two calligrapy pens and the beloved Parker Vac. I didn't even get to take a photograph of some of the fountain pens that will be leaving me today, but alas they will be remembered fondly.

Now, as I consider who else will leave home, I also contemplate another purchase, a purchase I'd like to call the dream pen, the one pen that could be the favourite, the only pen I'd use.

What would it look like? How would it feel? What filling system would I select? What about its colour or its pedigree?

I held my Pelikan m200 in my hand last night. He is grey, light, nice and warm in the palm of my hand and writes well, but, and there is a but, I wish he was wetter and flexed more.

I held my Wality blue demi in my hand last night. She is sleek, smooth to the touch, writes well, but does not spring to life instantly and is neither flexy or wet.

I toyed with the Pilots, both the teal and the green, both are flimsy to the touch, neither writes a wet line, and both could easily be adopted elsewhere.

I had great hope for the Lamy Safari with a larger stub but even with its graceful, 21st century plastic look, it leaves me with the feeling that I would prefer going back to brush pens as it does not produce a sufficient line to capture the writing look I would like to achieve.

The Sheaffer Vacfill is a superbly delicious pen that rests in my palm with ease and splendor, but alas she is a rather narrow sort of woman, and only satisfies my urge to write for short spurts.

What pen will fit the bill: easy to load, writes a wet, flex line, is not heavier than I like to hold for long periods of time, and is not too expensive?

I wonder and ponder this as I prepare to go "down cellar" to finish packing up those guys and gals leaving my nest.

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