Ink on Paper: Diamine

You can buy ink in many places, fountain pen suppliers, stationary stores, art suppliers and years old, but in my lifetime, in the neighbourhood newspaper shop.

And Diamine ink can be bought at both Pear Tree and Pendemonium, and probably elsewhere, but my first bottle of Diamine--Monaco Red--came from a FPn member on the Market Place, and it is just lovely.

I've just been testing it out in an inexpensive, but wonderful old Pelikano Jr (Red & White body) and on two very different writing surfaces, both the pen and the ink are as smooth as the surface of a still lake on a calm day.

In my 2004 Moleskine Diary, it is one colour and in my Field Notes, Volume 1, a totally different colour, but both splendid examples of a true rich red.

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