Photographing with a Canon SD600

For someone who is considered smart, I can be as ignorant as all get out. I wanted to take some close up shots of my pens, and needed to borrow a small tripod--mine is hooked up to my Guerilla pochade--and N offered to lend me hers. It is as big and heavy as all get out and I declined.

Then when I was baby-sitting Boomer I saw that Ross had a table-top and got permission to borrow it.

But I thought, I need a macro. While I have a SLR Nikon with every bell and whistle, including a Nikon Macro lens, I don't have use of a darkroom or a local photo shop, so I was struggling with my two inadequate digitals to find the right balance between the settings for portraits. My old Olympus seemed to work better but not good enough.

Then N showed me Martin's Coolpix and its macro feature. Great little camera, by the way, selling for about two hundred dollars these days. But, and the but was big, although they offered to lend me the camera it wouldn't connect to my Macbook, and I didn't want to go through the effort and inconvenience of trying to take all the photographs in one sitting, have them download them and send them to me, or put them on a CD.

I returned the camera to them, went home, and pulled out my Canon SD600 and wonder of wonders, it does have a macro feature!

In the year and some I've owned it, bought it at J&R by phone when I lived in Taos, I never read the darn instructions.

When I come back from Honesdale errands, I'm going to get Ross' tripod, set up a shooting arena on the porch, and take some photographs!

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