Selling Fountain Pens

I have inventoried all my pens, and now that I can see which ones I own, alphabetically, it is more than clear that I have too many and that several have not been properly appreciated.
Thus, they are going to be offered for sale or trade.

Today five (5) of my pens are going off for examination and possible repair.

Within the next weeks or months I hope to sell at least twenty of the sixty odd pens I own and stop buying pens.

Each pen that I do own will have a fresh start, a new converter where possible, a likely ink, and a proper home away from my hand while it rests out of rotation

Yesterday I traveled with a Lamy Safari Lime, a Vista, a Libelle, a purple demi Wality, a Pilot 78 g E model and a Pilot Knight.

I also discovered a Staples along Route 6 when entering Milford (PA) and checked to see if they carried the Black n Red writing blocks frequently discussed on the FPN. And yes, they did.
These are not your beautiful acquisition
but they certainly are among the less expensive fountain pen-friendly writing surfaces. I bought two wire bound, polprop cover blocks with perforated pages.

Testing the paper with my on hand fountain pens revealed that this 24lb paper is more than satisfactory: no bleeding with any of the pens; no evident feathering and a good choice for article notes.

Now with 60-odd pens, more journals, diaries, blocks and notepads than I can properly use, two Morriset inkwells, a large assortment of inks and a brass rocker, I should be set for this year of writing.

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