Parker Duofold Centennial

I had brunch with Jake today in Callicoon, followed by a short but rewarding visit to the Farmer's Market.

When we separated I was just going over the NYS-PA bridge when I spotted a sign for a barn sale. Since that road goes home but with an extra five or six miles, I decided why not, it's a beautiful holiday Sunday.

Well, in addition to getting a bookcase for $7.00; an inkwell for $4.00 and a beautiful hand-crafted basket for $3.00, I discovered at the counter a fountain pen. It appears to be a Parker Duofold Centennial, box, papers, converter, two cartridges and uninked. It has a 14k F nib and seems to write very well.

What a find if it is a Duofold!


  1. There was, surely, a reason to have taken the time to stop !

  2. It feels as if it was a good decision to take that back road, the Duofold writes like a dream!