Ross is off for his first year at college

I made one convert, my neighbour and young friend, Ross, to fountain pens. This week he is off to college with his new fountain pen, bought by his Mom, and I will be giving him some fountain pen friendly notebooks and some ink to get him started.

I had hoped my own children would take up a fountain pen, but alas, they have not taken to the idea.

However, contrary as I am I have organised a wee package for each of my two grand-daugters in case one or both take a fancy to fountain pens. I am thinking perhaps the Bean will love the red Waterman, and perhaps even Slippers will take flight into the creative world and doodle her way through school.

I was and am most impressed with Beanie's (nickname only) birthday card, rather sophisticated for a four year old. She's always been eager for my gifts of crayons, paints, brushes and her stand-up easel. And whilst at the Children's Museum on our visits, she'd spend ages with tempera.

Slippers (nickname only) is too young yet to make any suppositions about but perhaps she too will wish to express herself with a flourish.

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