The 32nd Sketchcrawl

Honesdale, PA courtesy Family Man Studio

The closest I get to urban is the town of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, 18 miles as the turkey vulture flies from my very rural country road.  It is where I will be on Saturday, 23rd July to sketch crawl.

Bill renovated two adjoining building (see left blue house), named it Maude Alley and developed a snug, and inviting space for three shops, his own Milkweed, a  cafe and a quality outdoor garden with a bird feeder and comfortable wrought iron chairs.   The cafe has good coffee, always fresh and ranked on a scale 0-10 as a potential 9. 

Not only will I bring my sketchbook, and a kit of drawing media, I will bring my camera to capture a town I've never looked at with an artist's eye.  It is the cafe,  I'll head to first for that coffee and a drawing of the feeder--perhaps!

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