Plein Aire or Plain Going

In the last ten years I've owned about 4 or 5 easels, a Guerrila, 2 custom pochades and a table top version.   I sold or gave away all of them.  I was in search of an easel that was easy to carry, but made for watercolour--and most of those I had were designed with oil, pastel or acrylic methods in mind.

I was recently introduced to En Plein Air Pro when I saw Citizen's Sketcher, Marc Taro Holman, standing in front of what looked like an easel to envy.

 Eric Michaels' En Plein Aire Easel

It is designed for watercolour, and is so simple I can hardly believe my eyes.

Now I have to figure out if I want to risk buying another easel and if my tripod is the right dimension for this set-up.

PS - I checked the reviews and oh, dear, Frank LaLumia recommends it and he is among my favourites in the plein aire kingdom.  More pondering and purse fidgeting.

PSS - A birdseye view of the easel and the Citizen Sketcher at the Lisboa Symposium, via Omar.

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