J. M. W. Turner's painting style

At Leisure Painter, a British channel, Mike Chaplin does a few wee videos (6 in total, none more than 6 minutes) of J. M. W. Turner's watercolour process.  It is sheer genius to recreate a method like Turner's 200 years later.   In the video below, we see Mike drawing in Turner's "in situ" style or in what has become more modern or fashionable lingo, en plein aire.

As I spent a good hour testing pencils in preparation for doing the Eden course, I was particularly taken by the second half of this video where Mr. Chaplin shows how Turner would use a pencil, holding it like a sword, and articulate light with opaque titanium white and chalk.

Delicious learning.

The last of the videos has some remarkable insight into wet into wet that are not so much new but individual in their approach.

So well watching and watching again.

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