Artist Wish List

Category 1: Items that you can buy at any time

These might be art materials you don’t really need but would like to have anyway, just to experiment with.
Or, they could be small things which feel too frivolous or unnecessary to spend money on. (For instance, a subscription to an art-related magazine, or a visit to an art gallery or exhibition.)

Category 2: Items that require some “input”

These are things that would cost you a little more, either financially or in time. That’s why I use the word input. . . these items will require you to put in a little extra effort if you want to attain them.



Category 3: When “all your dreams have come true”

These are the items dreams are made of, the things you’ll probably need to save hard for, work hard for and dream big for.

Soltek easel

Ten recommended digital cameras here.

Macbook Pro 15" screen

Wish list concept via Empty Easel

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