The Canteo goes to rest with photos

Canteo at rest
 Canteo interior, paint samples

It's been a terribly long time since I received and preliminarily reviewed the Canteo journal, but now after all this time, the journal is filled to the brim with notations, dots and dashes, colour notes, and even watercolour tests.

It ran a long mile and succeeded far better than one would imagine and held up nicely.  In fact it held up better than many other journals that traveled a path this long and hard with me.  The cover is intact, and shows little to no wear.  The elastic pulled and pushed hundreds of times is perfect, the pages remained flat, and content as I tortured them with different inks, pens, and splashes of art media.

I'd give it a high mark and think about another one in the future.

I believe Nota Bene in Canada are stocking these.

Reposted with photographs; retired Canteo 11 July 2011

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