A gift at the foot of the mail box

 Fish painted with vintage Daler Rowney watercolor paint palette (upper right)
and lower left corner the making of a mini-palette from an old J. Herbin nib container (it holds 6 half pans)

Last week I saw a small glistening creature at the foot of the mail box.  At first I actually thought it was a living creature, but as I leaned closer to it I knew it wasn't alive.  I picked it up.  It was a small, dirt splattered soft rubber toy fish.

I wondered, but more on an unconscious level, why a small toy fish would be on my country road, laying at my feet.  We have many farmers living on or near my road but no children young enough to have such a prize fish.

Its symbolism:
Several religions have used the fish to symbolize life, spiritual change and motion: Fish were considered sacred to the Greeks and Romans. The first Christians represented trinity by three fishes. The icthus is used today as a symbol for christian community. Fish is also one of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha. Throughout history fish have been associated with religion and worship.
The fish moves freely through water - a symbol of life which is honored in many cultures. Water is constantly flowing and the fish totem is an excellent teacher of transitions through life.
The flowing energy of the fish can also be applied to money matters - since money can be viewed as energy that should always flow freely. The fish can be a helper at times of movement and change in both financial and spiritual situations.
If you were born between Jul 22 - Aug 21, your Native American birth totem is the sturgeon.

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