van gogh

Yesterday I discovered via a member at Wetcanvas a docudrama about Vincent van Gogh entitled, "van Gogh painted with words."

It is splendid, riveting and thoroughly authentic.

Using van Gogh's letters to his brother Theo as dialogue, and documents from people who knew him, the drama comes alive as if the viewer was part of the story and Vincent van Gogh hauntingly alive.  Part One below:

Whilst I lived in Amsterdam, the van Gogh Museum was still under construction but as I had a sublet flat just around the corner from the Museumplein, it was part of my day.

Theo's son was also a part of the landscape then, dressed like a painting by Lautrec,  deliciously funny, strolling the avenues with long strides and great aplomb.

Remembering,  I experience a strange, but strong sehnsucht  for those days in Amsterdam that are no more.

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