Caran d'ache - a name to remember!

When you see a Caran d'ache product you want to touch it, smell it, use it, draw with it, paint with it, and now, Caran d'ache has these nine sumptuous looking fountain pen ink colours to droll over.

But is drolling sufficient!

After checking the price of this ink at Ink Flow, paperinkarts, Pear Tree and Pendemonium, ranging from $15.20 to $19.00 for each bottle, I'm not convinced that even I must have this ink.

I've tried to compare their colours with Private Reserve and Diamine, both excellent inks and less costly and think there is some potential matching that can be done. However, a computer monitor is not a good way to compare colour, and there is no shop for miles where I could see any of these.

Sadly, I pulled another discouraging tarot card.

No ink today, either!

1 comment:

  1. You can sample inks at The Pear Tree Pen Company for a nominal cost. This way, you don't have to rely on your computer monitor or make a trip to a pen shop.