What to Keep?

I think after fiddling, no fiddle, examining, writing with, inking and admiring the fountain pens I own, I'd like to sell some of them.

Why you might ask?

Well, I have 2 hands, 10 fingers (not fiddles) and no way of ever using, let alone fully appreciating the number of pens in this stable of writing instruments.

Several pen types I have are duplicates. So, I would think selling off one, two or many of these duplicates could bring me down to a more reasonable stable.

Then there are the vintage pens, most of which I don't use, and many of which I don't want to use. There are other pen collectors or users who will appreciate a Parker 51, or a Vac, and even those rare birds that I can't find much information on like Remington may intrigue or delight someone else.

Perhaps one of the calligraphers will like the Perry, the forefrunner of the now well established Osmiroid. I can't see how or why I would need this lovely old, collector's item. Here's another blog with some smashing pens to admire and possibly purchase, including a British-made Osmiroid.

Now to set aside some time to photograph those fountain pens that deserve a new home, decide without hesitation which pens to sell and determine a fair price.

Perhaps later this week!

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