Turning to France

I have been making progress on identifying and finding more information on each of my pens, but it is more a snail or a turtle than a hawk.

Today I phoned Papers in Albuquerque, the shop where I bought two Jean Pierre Lepine fountain pens. The first I bought in 2002, and the more recent one I believe I bought in 2006.

The bad news is Papers no longer carries this line, nor do they keep records of what customers have bought from their pen department.

The good news is if I photocopy or send a photograph by snailmail to Madeleine she will work with me on identifying them from back issues of the Jean Pierre Lepine catalogues the store still has on hand.

A trip to town for this for a good photocopy is in order.

And if anyone is interested in good quality paper, or fountain pens, and making a trip to New Mexico, Papers is a not to be missed shopping stop. It is just across the street from UNM's main campus on Amherst Drive.

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