Is two my prime number?

It appears that I often bought two of the same or a similar pen. As this collection spans more than 40 years, my memory although good to excellent, is not serving me well in recalling where and when most of these pens arrived in my hand, let alone in my house.

Here are two Edding fountain pens. From the little I've gleaned on the internet, thank you Google, I haven't found any look-alikes, only disposable calligraphic pens by this manufacturer.

The two I have are identical in size and shape, both with rather a fine nib, but are of two different colours: one is matte black and the other a speckled golden brown. The nib(s) resemble those on the Vista Lamy.

I've loaded the Edding Black with a J. Herbin Bleu Myostis cartridge. It has a nice feel, writes well, doesn't seem to scratch and is easy on the hand.

The speckled twin has an unknown ink cartridge at the moment, nearly empty and will get refilled with another cartridge before too long.

It is a pleasure to discover as I sort through these fountain pens that these Herbin cartridges are going to good use with many of my pens.

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