A Hero of a different kind!

Doesn't the word hero conjure up adventures, laughter, delight and the unexpected?

It does for me! And because it does it didn't take me too much time to buy a Hero fountain pen. I went with a simple Model 86. I selected this one based on a comparison between it and a Sailor. I love the two Sailors I own, one more than the other, and thought for the small price Mr. Nussbaum was asking for this pen, I could add it to my already large collection of ... pens!

It comes with a converter, no cartridges and I filled it up or rather inked it with Noodler's Lexington Gray. I am trying, believe me, I am trying to keep my ink collection smaller than my pen collection, and have resisted buying ink colour after ink colour, but Lexington Gray had a special appeal--I love the colour gray, all shades, and I had seen how successful a fellow artist used it in her sketchbook--not too dark, not too light and well articulated in her moleskine.

I am certain I didn't make a mistake buying the ink, but I do question my sanity in buying another pen. The Hero 86 is bold, black, shaped like a rocket and is among the shortest in length of all my pens.

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