Half way there!

With the help of various threads and posts, links and chats, I believe I've identified about 1/3 to 1/2 of the fountain pens I own.

I was very surprised today to see the Caran d'ache Dunas come up for sale on the Fountain Pen Network but after a google search I found these for sale for $65.00/each.

The pen itself may have a design flaw as the one up for sale seems to be suffering from a cap problem, and my red one may or may not be under control. All of the night before it leaked out from under the upper and lower barrel, close to where I had to disengage it the previous evening.

I've tightened it down as far as I can with my fingers, and hope the immediate problem is solved.

Time and Caran d'ache Caribbean Sea ink will tell.

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