It started with this Lamy

I thought identifying all the fountain pens would be easy. I'd pick it up, find its name, check the nib and be done. But instead with this pen I found the name after circling around it for days on its clip. No other identification.

Then after posting it on FPN perhaps I have a lead to its pedigree, perhaps not. But I did learn that sometimes information is hidden and sure enough West Germany is engraved and hidden under the clip.

Identification is still unclear: it may be a CP1 or a Logo Lamy made in Germany. It may be an older CP1 or a newer version. What I do know is it doesn't work with the Z24 converter, but normal Lamy cartridges fit it fine.

More research is needed on this lovely slim, brushed aluminum pen that writes like a dream with a fine nib.

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