Not an INK-ling!

When does a collection become a mania? Or is obsession a better word? Or is there even a word for collecting the collectible?

I've gone through all my fountain pens, some once, several twice, and others more times than I can recount. With many identified and given their official pedigree, I turn to ink.

On my last visit to the Fountain Pen Hospital, I bought my first bottles of Noodlers, but since then I haven't added any bottles or cartridges to my stock of inks.

Now glued to FPn I have added several other Noodlers, a bottle of Private Reserve Chocolate and a few test bottles from Pear Tree.

Isn't that enough, I keep asking myself? When is enough I say again?

I pulled a card, Two of Swords, a stalemate. No more ink today!

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