A Parker, not the usual Anorek

Here is one of several Parkers I own. Most are inexpensive throw-away Vectors, but nice to use.

This one and another seem more upscale. I haven't a real clue which model it is although I am beginning to suspect it falls into the 51 model category or perhaps an Parker 21. It is a simple pen, and as I search my memory, I begin to recall it is either one I bought early in my collecting life or one I might have picked up second hand. The gray matte is very unpretentious, rather like a gentleman's office pen you'd find on a clerk or clark's desk.

Perhaps I bought it when I was a Republican? If so it would make it a 40-year old pen.

I have to read this article carefully and others like it to determine which of many 51s I own.

A sad postscript, examining it with a magnifying glass, I saw a hairline crack in the barrel, obviously not a good thing.

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