Monteverde Arista

I really like clear fountain pens, something about their simplicity and yes, clarity, so I bought this Monteverde Artista sometime ago as a kit. Naturally, I can't remember where, and not even when, but here it sits on my desk begging for a journal note of its own.

I had no difficulty with this pen. It flowed and glowed brightly among the fountain pen stash until last week. Then as if it had been attacked by a mad-pen-maniac, it spluttered, stuttered and stopped writing.

It is both a cartridge and converter pen, but had been used exclusively cartridge. I popped one cartridge in after another, wetting, wondering and wantonly abandoning one after another in an effort to get this member of my fountain pen family to work.

Nothing seemed to make Artista the easy writer it once was. Then I flushed, and set it aside in the wooden soap dish. After a 24 hour rest, I found its converter, and filled it with Delta Red.

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