Pelikans in Pennsylvania

How many Pelikans in Pennsylvania?

Sometime in either 1990 or 1991, I was on Thayer Street and strolled into the local stationery store across the street from the University. If memory serves me nearly 20 years later, I admired their small but fine selection of fountain pens.

One in particular must have caught my eye: a blue marbled fountain pen. However, given my penchant for duplicates I seem to have two Pelikans, a blue and another in a
lovely shade of grey.

Are they both M200?

There are several good articles on the net about the Pelikan's and their history.

Pelikan also has some wonderful history here.

And, lastly, after doing some additional searches, I found a pen in Germany that matches mine exactly, and is indeed an M200! Voila!

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