Converters, Cartridges and Self Fillers: Ink

It is a process, some sort of feng shui notion that it, whatever it is, should or must be in perfect, harmonious order. Hence, I am attempting to put these fountain pens I own into good order.

Some of the lovelies will go to some other home, some will stay close by, but regardless of where they live, I'd like them to be clean, refreshingly clean, have the appropriate converter, or cartridge, and a pedigree of some sort.

It doesn't seem enough to know that a fountain pen is a Pelikan or a Mont Blanc. I'd like to know their personal name, something like being able to separate all the Williams in the world, or all the Smith's in the phone directory.

It gave me a great sense of satisfaction to learn that the two Waterman I have go by the name, Waterman Gentleman, and Waterman Lady Charlotte. There is something almost intimate about having that information.

So in order to accomplish this I've ordered some converters from Swishers, and will order some repair and cleaning materials from Pendemonium early next week.

Here's an article on converters that hss some historical value.

I have two growing groupings on my dresser, one with all the pens that have surnames, and another with those that remain orphans, but are still very much loved.

And today when I went into town, and after I brought B to her physical therapy session, I went over to the pharmacy, and bought an ear syringe to clean the pens better than the dripping water faucet. The use of this syringe was a most edifying moment. Several of the newly cleaned, hardly dried fountain pens still had quite a bit of ink still in their nibs.

Now these are sparkling clean inside. Next week they will be sparkling clean outside.

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