Paper! Paper! Paper!

It does take planning, buying, organising, and some motivation to figure out how to get those thoughts in your head on paper.

With the Gulliver down, I had high hopes for Apica, and I believe it just may do the trick.

The Apica's are not my usual fare.

Anyone interested in inexpensive journals, with excellent paper for fountain pen use should try these out.

In terms of appearance, they are just one notch above a Mead, but the paper is fabulous!

Right now Molly Taylor has them listed on ebay. And it also appears for a few more cents, the Daily Planner also has some stock of these journals.

So, with hope in my heart, the World as my daily card,

I am off to Liz's house to see if I can retrieve 20 years of writing from an old Mac and transfer those words in red.

And then just as I think it will be an afternoon of poetry, MG calls to say they'd like me to do another feature for the newspaper!

The Art of Convivium is dancing in my head!!!

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