The Moleskine Dilemma

I've never thought anything but good about the Moleskines I've owned, but for the most part I've only used the sketchbooks. The sketchbooks have heavier weight paper than the others, and although they are not watercolour friendly, I think they do fine with fountain pens.

Then after joining the FPn, I realized that many Moleskines were not as user friendly as others, and not all have the same quality paper.

So when I was sorting through my journals, I came upon an older, little used Moleskine diary (2004) that I bought in Sicily. Since finding it, I've been using it to test ink, write notes, and just doodle.

Today I tested the following pens, with these inks on the pages with negative and positive bleed through results, and little feathering:

Lamy Safari (Lime), 1.3 nib; Lamy blue cartridge - N/N
Lamy CP1, F nib; J. Herbin Verte Empire cartridge - N/N
Pilot Knight, M nib, Noodler's Baystate Cranberry ink - Y/N
Morriset Dip Pen, F/M nib, Diamine Register's ink - N/N

Dip Pen, F nib, with the following Noodler's inks: - Y/N
Baystate Blue
Concord Grape

Dip Pen, F nib, with the following Private Reserve inks: Y/N
Copper Burst
Sherwood Green

Reform 1745, M nib, with Private Reserve Arabian Rose - N/N

Pelican M200, M nib, with Noodler's Apache ink = N/N

Dip Pen, F nib, with Diamine Vermillion - Y/N

N/N = no bleed through, no feathering
Y/N = bleed through, no feathering

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