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After one year focused on fountain pens, I find that what I started with, & what I have now differs, while the number has not changed.

Another offer to the children of one or more pens resulted in the same dialogue, and with their lack of interest, I am thinking of selling a few more fountain pens that I infrequently use.

Waterman Gentlemen, Blue Lacquer (right)

In particular, I might consider selling a Waterman Gentleman, a beautiful looking pen, but one I haven't touched in more than five years except to clean, admire and photograph.

Jean-Pierre Lepine Casanova (top); Dore (bottom)

My Jean-Pierre Lepine Casanova gets little attention from me and while it has only been in my keeping since '02, it might find more comfort elsewhere.

I also bought and have rarely used a French pen I bought in '03, a stunning translucent purple fountain pen that was much admired the year I used it. But it too lays dormant in its box.

Another pen that I had adjusted but find gets little use is a Sheaffer Vac-Fil. I love the look and feel of the pen but rarely use it.

It isn't that I don't like or even love most of these pens, it is more a question of life style.

When I was off each day to work, often briefcase and papers in hand, dozens of meetings to attend and hundreds of reasons to own a fine writing instrument, all these pens had purpose.

Now I find many of those citified items serve no real purpose in a rural environment and in fact when I took out my pen pouch with two Sailors and a Pelikan inside to write a cheque to JF the other day in her shabby-chic country house, I nearly felt ostentatious.

So, with another mercury retrograde in our midst, always a good "getting rid of the past" cycle, I am thinking these four pens may have to go on the block.


  1. Oh, that purple one is lovely. Wish I had two nickels to rub together, because I'd offer them to you in exchange.