The Written Word: Newspapers

In 1963, New York City had more than eleven (11) newspapers, morning and late editions.

Back then I had a part-time job that included reading all these papers, reviewing articles of interest and writing synopses for an oft out-of-town mogul who didn't read quickly or well.

It paid well and helped me get through school and life.

Now with 3 major newspapers left in the Apple, it seems that not only the Globe, but the New York Times and my local newspaper are in peril.

I am one of those old fashioned readers.

I prefer print.

I scoff when folks want me to go paperless.

And I have to squint too much to enjoy on line reading.

I was in heaven when I was able to read both the New York Times* magazine section and the book review section in Pittsburgh last weekend. I liked it so much I took the two sections home--to fondle.

*The New York Times does not deliver to my local area.


  1. You know what's amazing about reading things on a computer? If it's all squinty and small, you can adjust the size of the font until it's more comfortable for you. If you know what you're doing, you can even change the typeface!

  2. Yes, I often enlarge the type. However, I didn't know I could change the font.

    Thanks for stopping by.