Lionizing a Leo: President Obama

Robert Kuttner sums up some accomplishments and weaknesses of the President here.

One of the thoughts that floated through my head (recently Alexandered by JF) was who the three people were on the platform today when President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

The President, Joe Biden and Judge Sotomayor all come from family backgrounds that are rich with stories, grounded in every day lives that resemble one's neighbours, one's friends, one's country(wo)men as regular folk.

None of the three had silver spoons, 2 parent families, financial opportunities, and other privileges we've seen among other elected or appointed officials.

Getting into ivy's like Princeton and Yale is not easy, I know, and reaching the top of one's class, and editing law journals, takes determination, personal courage and intelligence.

Reaching high office, sitting on judicial benches is not all that common among the folks, but these three folk have all striven for and reached that American Dream that is often seen in movies, and rarely played out on the battlefield we call life's journey.

Seeing these three Americans on the same stage today gave me a glimmer of re-newed hope for our country as the every(wo)man is our lifeline to liberty, equality and justice for all.

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