Pandemics: Ill informed speak foolishly

Illustration Ris & Colette via NRC

Killing pigs wasn't an answer.

Instituting extreme measures and laws ludicrous.

Guatemala's President Álvaro Colom Caballeros declares a state of emergency, and measures that threaten civil liberties, while in Massachusetts, Hilltowns reports the State's intent to issue martial law, but stating, and categorically, that a potential epidemic did not warrant pandemic ranking is foolhardy, ignorant and consequently unconscionable.

Having worked in infectious and tropical diseases in various capacities, and with numerous diseases, i.e., malaria, HIV, leprosy, etc., I know from epidemiology, public health and history, it is best to be prepared for a more serious outbreak than to ignore signs of potential widespread transmission.

And in public health lingo, pandemic terminology is warranted when a disease (flu, in this case) moves across borders. A frightening expression, perhaps, but apt in the case of H1N1 (swine flu).

Miquel Ekkelenkamp's view on the issue here at NRC.

And M.C.P. Braat's rebuttal here.

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