Memorial Day 1 a Success

As part of my new "get healthier" plan I found and made an appointment with a Alexander Method practitioner in Long Eddy. My first visit was a huge success for both my neck, spine and thoughts. I have another appointment on Monday.

But before I made it to JF's house for this session I dashed off to my friend Tom's for his Art Feast Yard Sale.

Generous Tom gifted me with an assortment of goodies: bottles of prepared transfer medium, stencils galore, a box of treasures I haven't peered into yet, a Shop-Vac and a baby table top straight up easel.

Tom is a gifted art professor at one of NYC universities whose specialty is materials so I am certain this transfer medium will be better than any I could buy, anywhere.

After I left JW's I found rte 94, and made my way to Roscoe (Sullivan County) for an advertised "bigger than better yard sale." My daughter M has asked that I find some furnishings for her new house.

I scored a ceiling fixture with intact milk glass domes for one buck, and after grabbing something to drink in town, I headed home on a different series of back roads where I scored again: 1950s, double fixture floor lamp in excellent condition for a tenner.

Exhausted after all these 3-digit roads I vetoed joining NW on a trek to Livingston Manor for an art opening.

Four hours of country roads had me flushed and happy.

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