Movies: Soloist

I haven't been to a movie theatre here in my newish community until last night.

Three of us went to the local premiere of the Soloist and I must say it was a better than average film.

Downey was very convincing as Steve Lopez; Foxx somewhat less as Ayers; the backdrop of Los Angeles realistic; the issues surrounding mental health and street life extremely authenic and the pace sufficient to keep my attention.

Working in public health, with an emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention, brought me into regular contact with those on the street, and while in NYS, in particular with youth.

Lopez' relationship with a street person appears genuine but it is infrequent that one can establish such intimate, and lasting contact with someone as unstable as the Soloist. The tenacity of Lopez is at the heart of such a union rather than the accessibility of his new found, violin-cello playing friend, Nathaniel Ayers.

But for whatever its flaws, and I can find them, this is a movie well worth seeing.

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