Disassembling Dis-integration

Blowing in the Wind,
Dis-integration Bundle, 1 May 2009

When I left for Pittsburgh, the Dis-integration bundle was riding high, blowing in the wind and intact.

On my return, I found it scattered across the lawn, ready to take flight. I rushed out the back porch door to gather the loose papers into my arms and bring them indoors, examine them and take a few photographs.

The top of the bundle

Cardboard Frame Backing, Interior Bundle

Prayerbook, Tarot Stamps

Italian Journal Page, 1939

Some observations: The older papers, circa 1930s, exhibited less deterioration than newer ones. Mold and colour dispersion were evident on more than half the papers.

Of those papers hung, and then scattered, it seems the Bagasse disappeared. I will search for it again and perhaps put out another bundle of this paper for testing.

Challenges: To meet Seth's final or possibly penultimate challenge, I will use a heavier, sturdier substrate to create a collage and use as many of the bundle elements that conform to my idea of unity and composition.

Deadline: It is my intention to make June Art Month.

This project, together with several others, will take my entire focus--housecleaning be damned!

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