Can you image the US without cars? I can!

Some towns, and it appears here in this new community in Germany, are car-free.

I don't know of many here in the US, but I do remember a visit to Fire Island--no cars, but bicycles, wheelie carts, toy sized wagons and darn, feet!

Having just driven nearly 800 miles across Pennsylvania and back, the notion of no cars is so appealing I would consider moving, again, to be able to walk.

Here in the Upper Delaware Valley unless you literally live in one of the larger towns, you can't get a quart of milk without going 5, 10, 15, as much 30 miles. It's a wee bit better than when I lived in New Mexico where you can go more than 50 miles and not find a neon sign of any kind, no less a grocer, cafe or petrol station.

For a person born in a big city, who lived in other big cities, for more than half my life, rural living is a constant reminder of how towns, villages, cities and counties are too spread out and perpetuate the use of the automobile, fuel and human resources.

Two towns, one actually a city, I lived in were sheer delights.

In Williamsburg (MA), we had within easy walking distance one of the States finest libraries, a full service grocery store, a country store known for its home made breads, jams and cheeses, easy access to the Post Office, and taking Route 9 from Williamsburg to Northampton, wide bike friendly roads.

In Amsterdam, I could walk or bike to any shop I wanted or needed from a laundry, purveyors of poultry, meat, bread, fresh vegetables, great brown bars, ample cafes and more.

Here with a newly cleaned refrigerator, and no food, I will have to either go to the local New York State town for minimal supplies, or take myself up and down windy roads to a larger town--50 miles round-trip--where I have some grocery choices.

Again, I wish I had wings!

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