Politics as Usual, but who will lose?

The American people have a great deal to lose if this see-saw approach between the Republican talking heads (Cheney, Rove, et al) and their Democratic counterparts as Frank aptly describes in his Sunday New York Times Op-Ed piece here continues.

Just imagine that bully in the school yard, egged on by other bullies, and by-standers, to throttle the new boy in town, and we have the perfect picture of former VP Cheney standing over newly elected President Obama.

What continues to sadden me is the spineless Congress, elected officials--read the Principal or the Student Advisors--who allow this fear and hate-mongering to continue.

The bluster goes unchecked, and more often than not, applauded by the peanut gallery--read Press--as day after day attempts are made to undermine the new Administration.

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