Books: Posthumous Frame

Janet Frame's novel, "Towards Another Summer " reviewed here once more reminds me of how the back-story of a writer, painter, artist, traveler, person, can propel them into the lime-light.

Although I've read several Frame books, I would hardly say she is as memorable as suggested by Gates' review, or as noteworthy an author that some of the awards she received might indicate.

What appears to have skyrocketed her writing career is her mental health status. Was she suffering from one form of derangement or another, or did she possibly have a form of autism? Nether of these questions has been adequately answered.

When I learned she was associated with John Money, the sexologist, I felt more satisfaction than skepticism in my own hypotheses about the author. Money is one of those psychiatrists I'd like to challenge face to face for his purported destruction of several youngsters with his twisted views on human sexuality. As a result, his connection to Frame raises doubts in my mind about the seriousness of Frames' possible diagnoses.

So, instead of Money, I look to my old friend, Anthony Storr.

Storr wrote many accessible books on human behavior, one of which is about creativity and mental health entitled, "The Dynamics of Creation ." In it he postulates other pressing human motivation for creativity than depression or inadequacy.

So while interesting to read that a Frame book has been published posthumously, it is unlikely I'll add it to my never ending reading list.