Pittsburgh Art Supply Shopping

It was raining, and I was cranky when we visited the South Side, and so no purchases at Utrecht but I did manage to make it over to South Craig Street in Oakland, find a perfect parking spot, and purchase a few random items at Top notch, including two plastic containers with handles--better to sort and carry my projects in.

And just before I left Pittsburgh I scouted over to Artists & Craftsmen on Hobart Street, and got lucky.

Fabriano Uno hot press was on sale for $1.50/per sheet, about 60% off and I got gifted a Khadi journal by the manager--my all time favourite carry watercolour book

I only bought the essentials, skimped on the number of Uno sheets I bought and now wish I had felt more flush. Who can beat $1.50/per sheet of quality watercolour paper.

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