Jockeying Politics

Rand Paul, physician and son of Ron Paul (2008 Presidential candidate) announced on the Rachel Maddow Show and reported here is considering a run for the US Senate in Kentucky.

You can see the interview here at Video Cafe (scroll down).

What is most interesting about the possibility of Dr. Paul's candidacy is the obvious splintering in the Republican Party and how it will play out.

We have the Baugh-Boys. Conservative and to my mind outrageously Bachmann.

We have those anti-Baugh-Boys who are Fraidy-Boys who apologize for their moderate positions, like Steele.

We have the few remaining near-Moderates, like Crist, who are taking a beating.

And now we might have another maverick Libertarian, like Rand Paul, who might see an upsurge in voter numbers in 2010.

Who knows where it will all lead!

I for one want good candidates who keep their word, have creative ideas and the means to solve difficult challenges. I'd like to see some serious moral integrity,and a clear understanding of ethics, not wordy moral bashing and sheer hypocrisy that makes my stomach get all squeezed into a tight ball.

I'll try to remain hopeful that more Republicans will join more Democrats in fulfilling the criteria I've enumerated.

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