Chatter in Pennsylvania for 2010

Just the other day I was discussing the "good" Republicans vs. the not so good GOP electables with my neighbour up the road.

Mind you my definition of good versus bad is strictly personal but it is also based on having been a Republican, a Democrat and for about 20 years a self proclaimed Progressive Independent.

In the line up of good Republicans I'd place Arlen Spector in the top 20 slots. Many of my self proclaimed "good" Republicans are gone to a higher power--Javits, the senior Chafee, John Lindsay, Nelson Rockefeller, and Kenneth Keating, to name a few and folks like the junior Chafee and some of the other New England politicans who have now gotten rousted out of office as Bush became the single symbol of the GOP.

I can't imagine the affable but blustering Matthews doing a better job in this State than Spector, but what do I know.
So to some extent it surprises me to see that Chris Matthews is being considered a contender for 2010.

And here is a piece by The Nation that more or less addresses the issue of GOP identity.

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