Getting Ready for Panajachel

One would think after traveling so much I'd have packing down, but truth be told I don't and often have to call upon the experts to guide me.

I want to take one small soft case, plus one carry bag with my laptop, nothing more!

On two trips I had more than I needed, and once had to stow my bag at the train station, and on another occasion I had to buy a more portable case. I don't want to repeat these experiences.

I also know that as much as I wish I was a "back-packer" I just don't do well with these, and when I did use my Eagle Creek in South America, I believe Reid took charge of it and me.

So, I am going to do a trial run packing in the case I bought just before I left Vermont and and see what I can reasonably get into it.

And after doing a search or two, I found this journal that looks like fun--they did nearly the whole world by motorcycle. They must have travelled light.

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