Card of the Day: Ten of Cups

Today I received the LiteratiTarot majors and will have them laminated in town--don't want to risk laminating them myself.

I'll also pull out the Storyteller's that Arnell and Diane did and have them done up, too. I've had those for ages and just didn't make the time to do this.

And was it, indeed, a Ten of Cups day? Perhaps!

I got two good pieces of mail, reviewed some outstanding paper chase items that were nagging at me, and found they are in good shape until after January '09, have moved forward in my thinking about Panajachel, sent a note to Mary in Mexico, wrote to Gwen after I really looked at the journal, had one of the storm windows fixed, finished my "ink" journal, ordered the Princess Room molding...and ate 3 meals.

So, it was a Ten.

Images: One Unknown, but appears to be a Waite-type; and Victorian Romantic.

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