Terrorism: India, Everywhere

It is surmised, not verified that two of the terrorists found in a Jewish Centre were British-born. The Christian Science Monitor has an overview of the events from various news media here.

What more does this say about the breeding of terrorism?

If this report by BBC is true and Brits and Americans were the primary targets, the focus narrows, but still goes fully unanswered.

The angry unrest in the Muslim communities exceeds those in numbers than the Crusades.

What has transpired in the minds (and hearts) of this particular segment of the Muslim population that is perpetuating terrorism. And, if it can be stopped, how?

My last stop was CNN and my heart stopped beating. A video popped up identifying two Americans as dead: Allan Scheer and his daughter, Naomi, from Virginia.

I didn't see the spelling of the name nor look carefully at their faces. I have a good friend with this name who lives in Virginia. For about 5 minutes or more I thought my friend was dead. As an immunologist he might have been in Mumbai for business and pleasure.

Death is always close, isn't it?

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