Wheel of Fortune

Today's card is the Wheel X, but pulled at the end of the day rather than at its beginning.

I accomplished little today, but I did find myself in deep concentration, a pondering, wondering, searching that may culminate in a field of light--a precious eureka.

What I mean by a field of light is a wide enough space in which to create possibility, productivity and ultimately completion.

I remember when I lived at Sirius wandering into the woods and finding what appeared to be a magical place at the end of a long, winding path overgrown, filled with wintry trees that caste shadows in front and behind me. Everything seemed to smell of pines and firs. Then suddenly the path widened, the light overtook the shadow, and the trunk of a fallen white birch took the form of an exalted throne. Just beside this raised edifice was a small, narrow body of water, totally land-locked.

The light illuminated this far away secret garden overgrown with glistening mushrooms, blue bells, purple spots of colour, tufts of moss, and veined pebbles.

I sat there for a long time, also thinking, pondering, waiting and then walked back to the community nurtured by fortune.

Winter came suddenly after that day and I never went back, but if I close my eyes, I can practically see that spot in Shutesbury and feel the pebbles in the palm of my hand.

Images: Wheel of Fortune, Visconti Sforza, and 14th century rendering, artist unknown.

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