Journals on my mind not in my hand

Biffybeans has done it again--another review of a journal that is tempting.

I had talked to the Journal Shop by email months ago about the Ciak journal but never did buy it or take them up on their generous 3 for 2 offers. Perhaps I should have, but now that I've settled into a "no spending" mode, I will just admire the journals and notebooks as they get reviewed and see what strikes my fancy on the road or when I do a little shopping in the Apple in early December.

I probably need to make a list of the places I'd like to visit when I do go to New York on/about 10 December as it is not my intention to spend more than 3 days in town and the list in my head is getting mighty long.

And as for journals, I probably should just take out that basket I have filled to the brim and spilling over to remind myself that it takes time to fill up all those I already own.

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