Card of the Day: Magician, I

Asking the same question, "Can I do it" I pull the Magician.

What is it I am asking about?

Can I paint the Princess Room, cut the molding, put up the molding, construct damask curtains all before Christmas? In order words, can I get the Princess Room finished before the Bean Family comes on Christmas Eve?

I've now given the molding one coat in the cellar where it is so cold I can only stay down there for 20-30 minutes at a time.

I've tested the back wall paint to see if it needs to be primed. It looks as if the paint will cover in two coats and not require a primer.

I don't have a proper ladder so I'm going to use the 2-stepper from the kitchen and cover it with plastic.

I've masked the seams on the windows, and the door frame.

If I can keep up this pace, and still do all the other things on my list, and go to NYC for 3-4 days, I might be able to do it...arthritis and all.

I need focus and better weather as each day it snows I lose a day getting to those towns that have the goodies I need for various projects, and these towns are not in the same direction and all 30-60 miles away.

But, the Magician says, "You can do it."

Image: Karen Black's Golden Tarot (©)

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