Ban Gay Teachers, the Netherlands

I am disheartened by this article and the prospect of legalising a ban on gay teachers.

While the Netherlands is more conservative than one imagines, the general attitude about differences has been toleration, not acceptance but also not prescriptive.

While toleration is not a panacea, it has worked and enabled many to live their lives unencumbered by the intrusion of unnecessary laws.

In general people are not defined by their sexual orientation and most often if a friend, neighbour or acquaintance is gay, it is not a subject of conversation, conjecture or interest.

It was twenty years before my friend Harry told me he was gay. Did I suspect? Yes. But it was not relevant to the strength and bond of our friendship.

However, I also had another friend who was an "out" gay male who didn't get a promotion, although long overdue, because of his orientation.

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  1. Yes, I have always thought of The Netherlands as like Benjamin Franklin (or vice versa): Toleration rather than imposition or embracement.