What is a Miracle?

I asked my SIL this morning, "What is a miracle?"

Last Thursday, my extended family brother was taken to Albany Medical Center. Upon examination he was diagnosed with necrosis, had an operation, lost consciousness, had few natural bodily functions and was bleeding profusely from both his original wound, and beyond.

The ICU physician had no hope for his recovery.

Today, his bodily functions appear to be returning to normal and the bleeding has nearly ceased.

A few hours ago he was taken off the respiratory and may recover.

We'll know to what extent he recovers, and when, either later today or perhaps tomorrow.

As I am not a religious person, but a secular, humanist, I ask: "What is a miracle?"



    I know you could've looked it up yourself, but some of this stuff is good! :)

    I know you're into Tarot, so you're not unfamiliar with the unseen/supernatural world. It seems that you're witnessing a miracle in this person's life. Whether you attribute it to divine intervention or not, it goes against the laws of nature of what should have happened, and we can all be grateful. I attribute it to God, and I'm grateful to Him for it, and to you for sharing the story.

  2. Thanks Ted for your comment and sharing.

    Yes, it is super-natural and a wonder to behold.